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“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better…”– Albert Camus.

A few weeks back, we celebrated Freedom Day 2021. We were reminded of the sacrifices that our gallant freedom fighters who selflessly sacrificed their own lives for the liberation of our people. We appreciate the service that we need to offer to our communities in celebration of our freedom and the life ahead of us.

Our people expect from us nothing less than excellent service delivery in all our municipalities and our communities at large. Excellent service delivery is centered on a knowledgeable and competent workforce. As individuals, we need to take stock of what is needed to perform better and be more efficient in our areas of responsibility.

Petra Institute of Development brings various courses to you to be able to perform efficiently. These courses can be taught in the comfort of your office or home. We have various courses that assist people to people to be Champions at work. We assist to bridge the gap between the different employees and the skills sets required for their positions at work such as the Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP)

Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP)

Petra Institute of Development is registered with National Treasury to provide the MFMP training. The MFMP training assists in bridging the gap between the mandatory requirements set by National Treasury and our different professional qualifications as municipality officials. Petra Institute of Development has made learning easier and more accessible as the program can now be offered online.

Petra Institute of Development presents the MFMP 21 Unit standards for minimum competence below:

Module One – 36 Credits

116361- Interpret South African Legislation and Policy Affecting Municipal Financial Management

116344 – Apply the Inter-governmental Fiscal Act to Municipal Management

116348 – Conduct stakeholder consultation around municipal finance programmes

116343- Apply the principles of ethics in a municipal environment

Module Two – 53 Credits

116345  – Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality

116364  – Plan a municipal budgeting and reporting cycle

116363 – Prepare and Analyse Municipal Financial Reports

116358  – Contribute to the strategic planning process in a South African Municipality

116342 – Apply approaches to managing municipal income and expenditure within a multi-year frame work

Module Three – 69 Credits

116360- Manage information technology resources in a municipal finance environment

119352 – Apply principles of information systems to public finance and administration

116353 – Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management

119353 – Plan and implement public-private partnerships for Municipal Service Delivery

116347 – Contribute to capital planning and financing

116340 – Apply costing principles to municipal operational and service-based costing

Module Four – 64 Credits

116346 – Apply techniques and South African statutes to cash and investment management in a municipality environment

116362 – Manage a municipality’s assets and liabilities

116339 – Apply risk management in South African Municipalities

116357- Design of internal control and internal control evaluations framework in a municipal environment

116351 – Conduct Audit planning and implementation in a South African Municipality

116341 – Conduct performance management to a South African municipal environment

When does the programme start?

The programme starts on 21 June 2021 with synchronous training (online or contact)

These modules can be self-paced however we encourage syndicate study groups and synchronous learning to make the learning journey a pleasant one.