How do I identify which course is right for me?

There are numerous options for learning with the Institute, from longer duration accredited programs to short, skill-based courses. Contact to speak with an advisor who can help you navigate the course catalog and determine the right fit for your background and goals.

Are short courses at Petra Institute of Development accredited?

Short courses & Learning programs that are accredited, Semester, and 4-week Summer courses in Pretoria. Petra Institute of Development's, degrees are accredited by The ETDP SETA, LGSETA, AGRISETA and CATHSETA. Petra Institute of Development is accredited by the National Association of Schools.

Is there an English language requirement?

The Petra Institute welcomes a highly international student body and all classes are taught in English. Non-accredited programs generally do not have an English language requirement. Accredited programs do have English language requirements. Please speak with your admissions advisor to discuss the detailed requirements for your program and individual application.

Do all short courses have an application process?

For accredited short courses and the Pre-College program, you must formally apply. Visit the admissions pages of your preferred program for requirements and deadlines. For other classes including Online courses, Summer Institute non-accredited courses, and short courses, you can register directly without submitting an application.

Will I receive a certificate or other acknowledgement of my short coursework?

Yes, you will receive a certificate when a learning program is successfully completed. The level of certification or acknowledgement of completion may differ by learning program according to the duration, rigor, and credit-bearing status of the course.