Top 4 Short Courses in Gauteng, South Africa

short-courses-and-qualifications in south-africa

In the current educational scenario in Pretoria, Gauteng, long term courses have paved the way for short term courses in training institute because they are cost effective and take shorter duration to complete. The Qualifications, Short Courses, Skills and Learning Programmes in South Africa also ensure bright and fruitful careers for the students. Here are top 4 professional short courses, which are popular in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Hospitality and Tourism: This course is ideal for those students who are looking for an exciting career and have a knack of travelling from one place to another. Petra Institute across South Africa offers Certificate courses in Hospitality and Tourism and the duration of the course may vary short. Students who pursue this course are given comprehensive and in depth training of:

  • Development of industry oriented hospitality and tourism knowledge.
  • Selling of products and services related with tourism
  • To follow procedures that is healthy, safe and secure
  • Dissemination of information of tourism related products
  • To work in environment that is diverse in nature
  • Processing of financial transactions
  • Production of business documents
  • Handling with adverse situations

After successfully completing the course students can be placed as:

  • International and domestic tour manager
  • Visitor information officer
  • Reservations sales agent
  • Tour desk consultant
  • Customer relations agent
  • Guide in a museum

Business: It is a very popular short term course in Pretoria. Those students who pursue this course are given industry relevant and comprehensive training in the core and specialization units. The core units include:

  • Accounting for Management Decisions
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Marketing principles
  • Foundations of Management

The students are given the choice to elect three elective subjects. The elective units include:

  • Business laws
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Introductory Statistics for Business

After completing the course, students can have lucrative careers in various fields such as Commodities Broking, Auditing, Event Management, Employee Relations, Import/Export, Economic Analysis etc.

Logistics and Warehousing: Logistics and warehouse Qualifications in Pretoria is an excellent course for those students who want to make a lucrative career in coordination and distribution of goods to customers. The students who pursue this career are given comprehensive, theoretical and practical knowledge in:

  • Conducting the stock accounts
  • Place of work procedures
  • Application of product knowledge in the relative industry
  • Coordination and distribution of goods to customers

After completion of the course the students can find placements in different posts such as:

  • Logistics Administration Officers
  • A Store person
  • Logistics Service Clerk

Civil Construction: Many institutes offer this course for a duration of twelve weeks. The course applies to the diverse range of construction and maintenance activities like road construction, pipe lying, construction of bridges and tunnels. The course involves the development of skills in:

  • Calculations of basic weight, volumes and distances
  • Ability to communicate orally either directly or indirectly
  • To efficiently interpret the work instructions

After completing the course, students can be assigned to do following roles:

  • Maintaining site records
  • Execution of traffic management plans
  • Handling of the construction materials and its safe disposal
  • Construction of fences and gates

The writer is a student who has an enthusiasm for pursuing exciting and lucrative short term courses and has enrolled for one of the top four short courses in South Africa.